Stafford Winter Darts League 2016-17

Kennys Sports Bar Division 3

Match 1Match 2Match 3
Kennys B Bell7v0Four Crosses B
Kennys Heroes4v3Staffs Bull A
Kings Horse6v1White Eagle A
Luckpenny B 2v5Coach Horses
Perkins C3v4Kennys C
White Eagle B5v2Tap and Spile
Coach Horses3v4Kennys B Bell
Four Crosses B4v3White Eagle B
Kennys C2v5Luckpenny B
Staffs Bull A2v5Kings Horse
Tap and Spile2v5Kennys Heroes
White Eagle A4v3Perkins C
Kennys B Bell4v3Kennys C
Kennys Heroes5v2Four Crosses B
Luckpenny B 4v3White Eagle A
Perkins C2v5Kings Horse
Tap and Spile2v5Staffs Bull A
White Eagle B5v2Coach Horses
Wednesday, 21st September 2016Wednesday, 28th September 2016Wednesday, 5th October 2016
Match 4Match 5Match 6
Coach Horses5v2Kennys Heroes
Four Crosses B2v5Tap and Spile
Kennys C2v5White Eagle B
Kings Horse6v1Luckpenny B
Staffs Bull A5v2Perkins C
White Eagle A6v1Kennys B Bell
Four Crosses B1v6Staffs Bull A
Kennys B Bell2v5Kings Horse
Kennys Heroes5v2Kennys C
Luckpenny B 1v6Perkins C
Tap and Spile3v4Coach Horses
White Eagle B2v5White Eagle A
Coach Horses4v3Four Crosses B
Kennys C2v5Tap and Spile
Kings Horse7v0White Eagle B
Perkins C6v1Kennys B Bell
Staffs Bull A5v2Luckpenny B
White Eagle A4v3Kennys Heroes
Wednesday, 12th October 2016Wednesday, 19th October 2016Wednesday, 26th October 2016
Match 7Match 8Match 9
Coach Horses3v4Staffs Bull A
Four Crosses B3v4Kennys C
Kennys B Bell5v2Luckpenny B
Kennys Heroes4v3Kings Horse
Tap and Spile2v5White Eagle A
White Eagle B4v3Perkins C
Kennys C1v6Coach Horses
Kings Horse3v4Tap and Spile
Luckpenny B 1v6White Eagle B
Perkins C4v3Kennys Heroes
Staffs Bull A4v3Kennys B Bell
White Eagle A2v5Four Crosses B
Coach Horses2v5White Eagle A
Four Crosses B2v5Kings Horse
Kennys C5v2Staffs Bull A
Kennys Heroes5v2Luckpenny B
Tap and Spile4v3Perkins C
White Eagle B3v4Kennys B Bell
Wednesday, 2nd November 2016Wednesday, 9th November 2016Wednesday, 16th November 2016
Match 10Match 11Match 12
Kennys B Bell1v6Kennys Heroes
Kings Horse4v3Coach Horses
Luckpenny B v Tap and Spile
Incomplete result sheet
Perkins C5v2Four Crosses B
Staffs Bull A5v2White Eagle B
White Eagle A3v4Kennys C
Coach Horses2v5Perkins C
Four Crosses B2v5Luckpenny B
Kennys C3v4Kings Horse
Kennys Heroes5v2White Eagle B
Tap and Spile3v4Kennys B Bell
White Eagle A4v3Staffs Bull A
Kennys B Bell4v3Tap and Spile
Kings Horse7v0Kennys C
Luckpenny B 3v4Four Crosses B
Perkins C3v4Coach Horses
Staffs Bull A5v2White Eagle A
White Eagle B1v6Kennys Heroes
Wednesday, 23rd November 2016Wednesday, 30th November 2016Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Match 13Match 14Match 15
Coach Horses4v3Kings Horse
Four Crosses B2v5Perkins C
Kennys C4v3White Eagle A
Kennys Heroes4v3Kennys B Bell
Tap and Spile5v2Luckpenny B
White Eagle B4v3Staffs Bull A
Kennys B Bell1v6White Eagle B
Kings Horse6v1Four Crosses B
Luckpenny B 3v4Kennys Heroes
Perkins C5v2Tap and Spile
Staffs Bull A3v4Kennys C
White Eagle A5v2Coach Horses
Coach Horses4v3Kennys C
Four Crosses B1v6White Eagle A
Kennys B Bell5v2Staffs Bull A
Kennys Heroes6v1Perkins C
Tap and Spile3v4Kings Horse
White Eagle B5v2Luckpenny B
Wednesday, 14th December 2016Wednesday, 21st December 2016Wednesday, 28th December 2016
Match 16Match 17Match 18
Kennys C5v2Four Crosses B
Kings Horse4v3Kennys Heroes
Luckpenny B 3v4Kennys B Bell
Perkins C4v3White Eagle B
Staffs Bull A4v3Coach Horses
White Eagle A5v2Tap and Spile
Four Crosses B1v6Coach Horses
Kennys B Bell6v1Perkins C
Kennys Heroes3v4White Eagle A
Luckpenny B 3v4Staffs Bull A
Staffs Bull A Point Deducted
Tap and Spile1v6Kennys C
White Eagle B0v7Kings Horse
Coach Horses3v4Tap and Spile
Tap Point deducted
Kennys C4v3Kennys Heroes
Kings Horse5v2Kennys B Bell
Perkins C3v4Luckpenny B
Staffs Bull A4v3Four Crosses B
White Eagle A4v3White Eagle B
Wednesday, 4th January 2017Wednesday, 11th January 2017Wednesday, 18th January 2017
Match 19Match 20Match 21
Kennys B Bell3v4White Eagle A
Kennys Heroes6v1Coach Horses
Luckpenny B 4v3Kings Horse
Perkins C1v6Staffs Bull A
Tap and Spile3v4Four Crosses B
White Eagle B3v4Kennys C
Coach Horses4v3White Eagle B
Four Crosses B4v3Kennys Heroes
Kennys C5v2Kennys B Bell
Kings Horse5v2Perkins C
Staffs Bull A3v4Tap and Spile
Tap Point deducted
White Eagle A6v1Luckpenny B
Kennys B Bell3v4Coach Horses
Kennys Heroes5v2Tap and Spile
Kings Horse4v3Staffs Bull A
Luckpenny B 2v5Kennys C
Perkins C2v5White Eagle A
White Eagle B4v3Four Crosses B
Wednesday, 25th January 2017Wednesday, 1st February 2017Wednesday, 8th February 2017
Match 22  
Coach Horses5v2Luckpenny B
Four Crosses B2v5Kennys B Bell
Kennys C5v2Perkins C
Staffs Bull A5v2Kennys Heroes
Tap and Spile2v5White Eagle B
White Eagle A3v4Kings Horse
Wednesday, 15th February 2017